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How do I update the BIOS?

In rare cases you may have been advised to update the BIOS to accept a memory upgrade.

Doing this is free and simple, visit the Support & Downloads section of the manufacturers website and select the range and model number of your machine then select the relevant BIOS update. In most cases this will then download and install in a very similar to way to installing a new program, but please be sure to contact the manufacturer of your machine to make sure you have the right BIOS update file, and that you follow the instructions very carefully.

You will see below we have provided links to the top 10 most common manufacturers, if yours is not listed simply search in Google for the Support & Downloads section of your manufacturer.

Please note: We cannot be held liable for any damage caused to your machine by updating the BIOS. We recommend you contact the manufacturer and follow the instructions they provide. We only recommend you update the BIOS if absolutely necessary.



Compaq / HP