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Can I Mix Different Memory Sizes & Types?

A Common question customers ask, is if they can install two or more modules that are a different size?

The answer 90% of the time will be yes you can! Although there are some specific High-End Machines and Servers that must have exactly matched memory for the computer to work. The majority of the computers people use in their homes are able to accept memory in different sizes.

Another common question we are asked is ‘Can I use different memory types together?’.

The answer in this case is ‘No’. There are three common types of memory used, the oldest being DDR ( sometimes referred to as DDR1), then DDR2 and the most recent being DDR3.

All three types of memory have a unique locating slot in order to prevent the module from being installed in an incorrect slot. This would otherwise cause damage to other components in the machine.

The images below show the difference in the locating slots on Laptop and Desktop Memory.

There are a few Machines that have DDR and DDR2 Slots, and some that have DDR2 and DDR3 slots. These machines will typically have four slots, for example 2 x DDR and 2 x DDR2. Although four slots are available to use, you will only be able to install one memory type (e.g. either DDR or DDR2) as the machine is not able to work with both memory types installed simultaneously.

If you have any doubts about which memory types or speeds you can use in your machine please contact the Mr Memory support team.