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Upgrading to Windows 8? – Make sure you stay up to speed

If you are planning an upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8 you will need to consider if you have enough memory. To run Windows 8 at a basic level of operation, Microsoft recommend 1Gb for the 32bit version and 2Gb for the 64bit version. Although this will allow you to run Windows 8 on your system, as with any product, meeting the minimum hardware requirements does not necessarily maximise performance. This is because computer memory is needed for almost every aspect of a PC and as Windows 8 is built for multitasking and multimedia applications, the memory becomes an even more important piece of hardware.
So how much memory do we suggest for Windows 8? Well it would be easy for us to say install the maximum your machine can take, but that would be the obvious answer. Realistically around 4Gb will be enough to keep most home and small business users happy, whilst enthusiasts and users running memory intensive applications will most likely upgrade their machines to the maximum.

To see if your Machine can be upgraded to Windows 8 you will need to download the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant.

To check your memory upgrade options please search for your model using the drop-down menu on the Mr Memory Home Page or alternatively run the Mr Memory Computer Scanner to find your PC’s make and model.

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Windows Starter Editions – Memory Limitations

Like Windows 32-bit there are other versions that suffer from memory limitations including Windows Vista and Windows 7 Starter Editions.

These versions of Windows are commonly found on Netbooks*, and sometimes basic Notebooks / Laptops.

The limits of these versions are as follows:
Windows Vista Starter = 1Gb
Windows 7 Starter = 2Gb

Much like with Windows 32-bit you may be able to install more than 1Gb or 2Gb in the machine but the operating system will only be able to use the maximum as stated above.


*the Windows 7 Starter Edition memory limit does not directly affect Netbooks, as these machines mostly only have a 2Gb maximum supported by the machine.

Asus Eee PC Netbooks – 2Gb Upgrade

When upgrading your Asus Eee PC Netbook with a 2Gb module you will sometimes need to follow a few extra steps so that you can benefit from the increased speed of your machine.

If you have installed a 2Gb module and your machine is still only showing 1Gb (1024Mb) in the system settings then you will need to follow the steps below:

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