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Why will more Memory / RAM help me?

Adding more memory to a computer system will increase the performance, (usually quite dramatically).

When there isn’t enough room in memory for all the information the CPU needs it has to get some memory from somewhere, so the computer sets up what’s known as a virtual memory file. This file is located in your hard drive and uses a percentage of the drive to simulate additional RAM, (also known as memory cache). This process slows the system down.

With a memory upgrade, applications respond more quickly, Web pages load faster, and you can have more programs running simultaneously. In short, additional memory can make your computer higher performing, faster, more reliable, highly productive and far more enjoyable to use.

Server performance has a huge impact on the performance of a network: if a server is performing poorly, everyone on the network “feels the pain”. So, while a memory upgrade on an individual PC makes a big difference only for the person who uses it, a memory upgrade in a server has far-reaching effects and benefits everyone who accesses the server.

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